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Matchday Bus to the Amex for Southampton FC - Sunday 29th October 2017 - KO 13:30

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Once you have booked your seat, our booking process assigns you a seat.

You must select a location for both your journey the Amex and your return. 

The post match departure times are staggered to suit supporters who would like to leave promptly or for those who would like to extend their match day experience.

All buses will arrive and depart from the Amex Coach Park

Thank you for your interest in our award winning travel service.

Sponsorship for our dedicated AITC Amputee football team

Recently, I was invited to the launch of a AITC Amputee taster sessions where I have offered to lead the sponsorship for this AITC project. Our existing travel partnership sees a significant financial contribution to the project. It would be great if our passengers were able to offer any additional contributions as we aim to promote the project, finance the supply of kit etc and ultimately enter the team in a league.

We also would like to offer the opportunity for passengers to come to training sessions at the Training Ground. It was awe inspiring for me to see the players passing and kicking the ball around with a smile on their faces. I also listened to their stories of how much the feeling of kicking the ball around meant to them after a period of pain and despair.

Some were Albion supporters who played the game before their accident and were proud to wear their BHAFC tops.

So, this season will see us add an additional selection box to our online booking process where supporters can add a contribution via 'Please donate to our AITC project' section. These funds will be used to help increase the profile of the Amputee football team during the forthcoming taster sessions and then to cover the cost of hiring the training ground, training coaches and the provision of kit including training bibs.

If you know of anyone who is interested in attending the sessions then please email paul.brackley@albioninthecommunity.org.uk or if you would like to get more involved with sponsorship then please email  seagullcoaches@gmail.com

Without getting ahead of ourselves, if this project works well - Seagull Travel are committed to trying to get another project off the ground.

Thank you

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